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Desnyansky district

Split training

"Split-training" - training with a personal trainer and from 2 to 6 You train in the Club under the individual program for 90 hrs. Maximum respect for everyone who is engaged in a mini group.


Online Training

Online training in the INSTAGRAM group is the absence of territorial priviledges. You can exercise at any place (at home, in the park, on vacation, at work) under the guidance of a professional coach.


roup training

Group trainings are groups of 8 to 10 people. Trainings are conducted under the leadership of a head coach. In our sports club the following sections are held: Boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, jujitsu, MMA.


President of the club

Volodymyr Kuts

Vice president of the club

Oxana Romanova

Honorary president of the club

Oleg Sonko

Equipment for single combats

English manufacturer of sports equipment RDX


English manufacturer of sports equipment RDX


Volodymyr Kuts Oxnan Romanova

Fight club Triada


Fight club «Triada» —  is a martial arts club that has been functioning since 2010.

Our club has the following sections: boxing, kickboxing, thai boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA mixed martial arts.

Our athletes are champions and winners of Ukrainian and international tournaments. All of our students who have reached a certain sports level also have the opportunity to take part in competitions both in Ukraine and in Europe.

Our gym is fully equipped for martial arts classes, there are showers, exhaust and two locker rooms for men, women and children.


All pictures of our gym can be viewed in the upper MENU, section Gallery.