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Split training

"Split-training" - training with a personal trainer and from 2 to 6 You train in the Club under the individual program for 90 hrs. Maximum respect for everyone who is engaged in a mini group.


Online Training

Online training in the INSTAGRAM group is the absence of territorial priviledges. You can exercise at any place (at home, in the park, on vacation, at work) under the guidance of a professional coach.


roup training

Group trainings are groups of 8 to 10 people. Trainings are conducted under the leadership of a head coach. In our sports club the following sections are held: Boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, jujitsu, MMA.


President of the club

Volodymyr Kuts

Vice president of the club

Oxana Romanova

Honorary president of the club

Oleg Sonko

Equipment for single combats

Ukrainian manufacturer of sports equipment DoZen


Ukrainian manufacturer of sports equipment DoZen


Volodymyr Kuts Oxnan Romanova Vlad Parvov

Boxing is an Olympic sport.


  •  How do i know that boxing is your thing?

Boxing has been popular at all times. Some people attribute this popularity to the fact that every man has an animal nature and for thousands of years the basic instincts have never disappeared, others believe, Someone believes that the whole thing is the impact boxing has on the mind of fighters and their inner state, but the essence remains the same - boxing will never go out of modification and will continue to be the most popular and good sport for a long time.

  • Optimal age for boxing

The optimal age for the beginning of boxing mastery simply does not exist. Boxing schools accept everyone, starting at an early age. This allows you from an early age to foster in a boy a masculine nature, strength of will and confidence in themselves.

At first it is better to practice individually, trusting the trainer, who will help you to put a punch, learn to avoid direct attacks and with confidence to act against any opponent, regardless of his status and experience.

  • Respectfully, the founder of the martial arts club Volodymyr Kuts.