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Desnyansky district

The basic concepts of these rules. 

1. «Club mode of operation» — days and years when the Club is open for visitors.

2. «Group training» — Trainings conducted by the coaches of the club for those who are engaged in the club, up to 90 hr, depending on the format of the session. The schedule is regulated by the roclause.

3. «Personal training» (PT) — The exercise with a personal trainer for an individual program for 60 minutes. Conducted after the full payment of the Personal training.

4. «Split training» — The session with a personal trainer of four or six people, who are engaged in the club under the individual program, for 90 minutes. Conducted upon full payment.

5. «Guest of the Club» an individual who is not a member of the club and visits the club on a one-time visit.

6. «Club membership» — This is the monthly payment, which is tied individually to a number.

7 «Frozen trainings» — This is a restriction of the training process for children, for the period when the child is ill. Parents must notify the coach or the administration of the club.

8. «The entire year» — You can freeze no more than 10 training sessions during the school year.

9. « Lockdown»  During this period, the gymnasium is closed, and the payment is transferred after the end of the Lockdown and the opening of the gym.

10. «Summer»   This period is individual, and if your child or you do not plan to train outside. It is necessary to notify the coach or the administration of the club. Then the summer period is completely frozen.

11. «For the duration of the war » — Without Costs ONLINE TRAINING in the club group INSTAGRAM



 1. We are the Universal Club of Uniform Wrestling on the left bank of Kiev.

 2. Professional equipment for the activities of single combats.

 3. Ring training and on the platform in the size of 6x6 meters, tatami and a separate wrestling room.

 4. We specialize in kickboxing and mixed martial arts MMA.

 5. All coaches of our club have a coaching qualification and categories. Among our coaches there are ranked professional boxers and athletes.

 6. Our coaches are ready to teach you and your children everything they know themselves.

 7. The first trial training WITHOUT COST.


  • Sincerely, the president of the martial arts club Volodymyr Kuts.