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Desnyansky district

  ✅ Help for Ukraine

Today it is more important than ever to help our Ukrainian soldiers, refugees, victims, and everyone who needs it.  Our sports club joined in cooperation with the charitable organization "IT Sich". Also our volunteers are engaged in humanitarian assistance for ZSU and TRO Ukraine.

  ✅ Who we are?

Our team of IT specialists and electronics specialists has developed and manufactured the Stolen Cars AI Detector (SCAI). It automatically checks all vehicles moving along the checkpoint and identifies vehicles suspected of illegal alienation of property. The system is portable and autonomous. It can be placed anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

  ✅ About the device:

SCAI розроблено, щоб ідентифікувати викрадений автотранспорт у потоці та полегшити службу бійців територіальної оборони  на блок-постах по всій Україні.

A lot of stolen vehicles move around the country, including DRG. They are not easy to detect as the soldier at the checkpoint is not able to remember all the vehicle registration plates, and it is not always convenient to check with the printout.

  ✅ Experience of use:

Currently, two devices are already working at the checkpoints in Kyiv region on a permanent basis.

The positive experience of using SCAI has protected part of the Kyiv region from the penetration of DRGs into small towns and villages.

  ✅ Scale to protect the population:

There are a lot of requests for SCAI from Territorial Defense units, so we have to equip as many checkpoints as possible. This is, above all, the additional security of civilians and the military, which can save lives.

Another useful benefit of using Stolen Cars AI Detector is that the cars detected by our detector will be returned to their rightful owners. This is probably the only thing left for the people of Bucha, Irpen and many occupied towns and villages.

  ✅ Project details:

👉 The cost of one set of SCAI is 320 USD.

👉 There are about 8000 checkpoints in our Ukraine and on the firefront 3000.

👉 So 960 000 USD is required to fully equip the firefront country.